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Polysyllabic excretions

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8 Mar 2007

That’s it. I’ve been properly indoctrinated. I no longer flinch when I hear words like “Teleology” or “Epistemology”. I actually find myself using Epistemology to myself, when thinking about something. I remember having another word that always stumped me before my academization, but I can’t remember what it was.

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8 בMarch, 2007 בשעה 18:38


so, you claim it took university to polysyllabize your vocabulary?
you’ve been blogging for half a decade, why don’t you write a wee program that finds the average number of syllables per word over the past five years and compare it to a recent figure?

my guess is one hand isn’t enough to count either number.




9 בMarch, 2007 בשעה 20:43

Re: really?

Damn you and your challenges!

So I wrote a program that sits on top of ljArchive and goes over all my posts. found an algorithm somewhere that does a pretty bad job of breaking words up into syllables, but it’s the best I could find. Now I need to find some freely available graph component, because my own rendering currently looks like this and I really can’t be bothered to make it any prettier or more informative:



10 בMarch, 2007 בשעה 17:07

Re: really?

we see that there was no substantial growth since academization.
it might be informative to give the figures also.
what constitutes that peak near the start?



8 בMarch, 2007 בשעה 18:46


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