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18 Feb 2007

You can tell this hotel is fancier than others I’ve been to, even for a businessman’s hotel – the internet is free, there’s a European/Israeli power plug on the desk and there are 4 different flavors of soap – Cream, Apple, Orange and Lemon.

Also – Coke Zero!

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19 בFebruary, 2007 בשעה 23:59

What’s the whole point about coke zero?

I tried it once, ans it tasted like a Pepsi Max, which is not a great compliment.



20 בFebruary, 2007 בשעה 07:18

Re: What’s the whole point about coke zero?

That’s because your tastebuds have already been corrupted by Diet Coke.
Coke Zero tastes like regular Coke, that’s its secret. If you’re used to Diet Coke and find regular Coke too sweet, you won’t like it.

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