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18 Sep 2006

In Douglas Coupland’s “Microserfs”, protagonist Dan, ever the consumer junkie, goes wild with excitement over the announced Crystal Pepsi:

The day they introduced Crystal Pepsi, I harassed the local Safeway manager almost daily until it arrived. I thought this new Pepsi was going to be like regular Pepsi, except minus the plutonium stuff that turns it brown. Then I tasted it – it was like 7-Up and Dr. Pepper and Pepsi and tap water all sort of randomly mixed and decolorized. Downer!

Well, I didn’t see any Crystal Pepsi, probably a failed marketing scheme from 15 years ago. But I did get my hands on a bottle of Diet Sprite Zero. And it’s in French, too – bought in Montreal. Tastes just like regular Diet Sprite but clear, refreshing, inspiring and totally transparent.

I need to sleep now.

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