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16 Jul 2006

We’ve long been bemoaning the intrusion of corporate entities into the private sector, and their domination of public events. We hardly even notice when basketball teams are officially named “Macabbi Elite Tel-Aviv”, or have concerts in the “Nokia Hall”.

This is, of course, not a local phenomenon. As with all other capitalistic excesses, the US continues to pave the way. Going over LiveNation, a concert-booking site, you can’t help notice all the shows taking place in the Chevrolet Amphitheater in Pittsburgh, the Verizon Wireless Theater in Houston or the Pepsi Arena in Albany.

Since this trend doesn’t seem to go away any time soon, I propose we let venues preserve their local flavor by simply rename the word “Theater” to “Pepsi”. Now we can have the Fillmore Pepsi in San Francisco or even the Nokia Pepsi in New York.

And if we want to keep things clear, we can simply rename “Amphi” to “Diet”.

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