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16 Jan 2005

According to the Tel-Aviv Municipal Website, there are 230,000 registered vehicles in Tel-Aviv, 31,900 parking spots on the streets, and 62,000 in parking lots.
If you round up significantly, that’s twice as many cars as parking spots. Even if you remove the motorcycles from the count (and the the ambiguous “כלי רכב רשומים” probably doesn’t), it still leaves a hell of a lot of unparkable cars.

No wonder half the city parks on a red’n’white. There’s no other choice.

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16 בJanuary, 2005 בשעה 00:07

You forgot the private parking spots.




16 בJanuary, 2005 בשעה 09:29

Re: You forgot the private parking spots.

Yeah, they came up in conversation this morning.
I don’t know how many more they give – many private parking spots come at the expense of a parking spot on the curb. At least in the inner city.
Another thing – these statistics are for the whole city. For every street in Zahala or Jaffa with 10 parking spaces in a row, you have a street around Dizingoff that’s on the lower end of the curve.

I remember talk of a huge, 7-level underground parking lot for residents underneath Habima. I wonder what’s up with that.

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