“Here kitty, there doggy. Everywhere llama llama”.

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18 Dec 2004

VIP Fibers can supply you with hand-spun yarn, made from the fur of you “very important pet”.
Yes, it’s true. Is your cat shedding? Did you trim your dog for the summer? Afraid to clog the sink with the hairs and seeking a way to be more intimate with your pet that won’t involve legal action, raised eyebrows or strange diseases? Just call VIP Fibers and you can finally make a sweater from Lassie!

So whether it’s a dog, cat or llama, you can now keep your pet close. Very close. Very, very close.

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“Here kitty, there doggy. Everywhere llama llama”.



17 בDecember, 2004 בשעה 14:26

i liked this one:”….better yarn from your pet than from a sheep you never met! “



18 בDecember, 2004 בשעה 05:20

That reminds me…

The Llama Song

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