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 “…And in flu Enza.” – Vladimir Dixon. - Miscellaneous Debris – Archive

“…And in flu Enza.” – Vladimir Dixon.

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24 Dec 2002

I am sick.

I am sitting alone at home, in front of my computer.

I am sick.

I am wearing a big overcoat and scarf that my mother put on me, right after she made me a hot cup of tea and before she drove me back home. She also had some decorating tips for my new place, not to mention hygenic criticisms.

And I’m sick.

My diet for the past three days has been things easy to swallow before I lose my breath, mainly M&M’s and partially-decarbonated Diet Sprite. I think there’s a moral in there somewhere, but it eludes me. *munch*.

I am VERY sick.

My sinuses are clogged, my eye is red and fuming and my tonsils are huge, almost the size of the antibiotics capsules I’m supposed to swallow – somehow.
The anti-congestants are doing their duty. Already my airways are allowing a small trickle of precious oxygen.

I am sick, and I’m finally past the icky stage and am beginning to enjoy it.

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