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 Happiness is a Warm DVD. - Miscellaneous Debris – Archive

Happiness is a Warm DVD.

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3 Dec 2002

Happiness comes in a boxed set.

With two 6-inch stone statuettes.
And lots and lots of DVDs.
And deleted scenes.
And joy…

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3 בDecember, 2002 בשעה 23:07

Director’s cut?



4 בDecember, 2002 בשעה 04:06


Collector’s Edition DVD Gift-Set.
2 DVD’s for the movie itself, including various lines of commentary throughout the movie. This includes over half an hour of scenes deleted from the standard version, including some much-missed moments like Galadriel’s Gifts or the Passing of the Elves in the Shire.
2 “Makings-of” DVDs, one subtitled “From Book to Vision”, the other “From Vision to Film”. Haven’t started watching’em yet – should be good.



4 בDecember, 2002 בשעה 00:28

I’m sensing a “Lord of The Rings” evening coming ahead.
Special screening and perhaps some middle-earth munchies?

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