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 New meme, via lukkke and iod - Miscellaneous Debris – Archive

New meme, via lukkke and iod

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15 Oct 2003

First best friend: Nevo, circa First Grade. He had the coolest Lego’s.
First real memory of something: Rolling on the grass in Beer-Sheva, circa 1980. I was 18 months old, or so.
First car: Juan, my faithful steed – Black 1995 Seat Ibiza.
First date: What, you mean when BOTH SIDES see it as a date? 🙂 Rona, August 2000.
First real kiss: Rona, August 2000.
First break-up: Rona, September 2000.
First job: Installing modems and stuff in my parents’ friends’ computers.
First screen name: Embarassingly enough, “Aragorn”.
First self purchased album: David Bowie – Diamond Dogs
First funeral: My uncle Eli.
First pets: A dog named Shufel I don’t even remember. More appropriate would be Pussycat, my first cat. (Yes, I know. Very original).
First piercing/tattoo: None.
First credit card: 16 or so.
First true love: Aya.
First enemy: I don’t really do this whole Enemy shit.
First big trip: Paris and Bordeaux, with my grandmother, age 14.
First musician you remember hearing in your house: Must be Yves Montand or Jacques Brel or someone of that crowd.


Last cigarette: None.
Last big car ride: Down to Be’er Sheva for New Years’ Eve.
Last kiss: Aya, 8 months ago.
Last good cry: 8 months ago. 🙂
Last library book checked out: Wow. Haven’t a clue.
Last movie seen: “Finding Nemo”, on DVD.
Last food consumed: Succulent morsel of chocolate, rice-batter and white chocolate filling, from Onami.
Last crush: Liron. *sigh*
Last phone call: George, arranging an outing tonight.
Last time showered: This morning, but another is due….
Last shoes worn: Brown Timberlands.
Last cd played: They Might Be Giants – Flood.
Last item bought: Diet Sprite, Lemonade and a pack of AAA batteries. How… prosaic.
Last annoyance: Behaving like a schoolgirl.
Last disappointment: Cancelling Scotland.
Last soda drank: Coke.
Last time wanting to die: Never.
Last time scolded: Yesterday, by my mother, for not arranging plane tickets already.
Last shirt worn: Grey-blue T-shirt.
Last website visited: www.livejournal.com

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