“Particle Man, Particle Man. Doing the things that a particle can” – Particle Man, TMBG

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15 Sep 2003

Neutron — You don’t take sides, you just sort of
hang out and blend into the crowd. If someone
lets you loose though, you can cause some
serious damage. If you are arround too many
other neutrons you get bored and start to

What kind of subatomic particle are you?
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17 בSeptember, 2003 בשעה 06:37

Hello! (& a TMBG question (or several))

Good morning, Sir Yggdrasil_!

I’ve added you to my friends list after your coffee-rant out of sheer identification. I’ve also copied your meme and posted a particle of my own (though mine is much better!).

I’ve wanted to ask you something. ‘They Might Be Giants’. Are they really as cool as like, everybody, like, are always saying? If so, do you know their music well? Could you recommend an album for starters?



17 בSeptember, 2003 בשעה 06:45

Re: Hello! (& a TMBG question (or several))

They are… silly. Cool and silly, but silly.
Theirs is a geekish appeal, liberally sprinkled with references to Pavlovian experiments and physics and general sillyness. They have an accordion as an instrument. Their lyrics range from the obscure to the ridiculous, and they can also rock when they feel like it.

Check out “Flood” for an album. Check out “Birdhouse In Your Soul”, “Particle Man” or “Mammal” for sample songs. Check out this for more details.

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