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פוסטים שתוייגו ’music

Where did she come from?

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18 Feb 2007

Yesterday morning, I had no idea who Amy Winehouse was. I saw the name on somebody’s LJ tagline, I think, but nothing more. Last night, dropped over and gave me a listen, and I copied a bunch of tracks from both her albums, then listened to it on the flight over.Then I was sitting in […]

I’m gonna open up your gate

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12 Jan 2007

You know how sometimes you hear a tune, when you’re a kid maybe. And you don’t know what it is and it doesn’t mean anything to you, but it gets lodged in the back of your brain? You don’t know who it’s by or what’s it called, but sometimes when you close your eyes you […]

As original as apple pie

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10 Dec 2006

From a review of Tom Waits’s music in The Guardian, the writer seems insistent on contradicting himself.After a paragraph detailing Waits’s basis in Kurt Weill’s music, he goes on to say this: But the comparison [to Weill] undersells Waits’s originality, for there’s something almost Shakespearean about the breadth of Tom Waits’s take on modern American […]

Here Comes the Sun Circus

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10 Dec 2006

Here in the hinterland winter is finally upon us. Mornings are cold and the smell of rain is in the air. But beneath the fresh smells of rainfall another smell rises, a stench of foul corruption, of dead bodies excavated, of unholy rituals, mad scientists cackling manically over exhumed corpses better left buried. I’m talking, […]

This here giraffe

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14 Nov 2006

First, a comment about seating. There’s nothing more depressing than getting nosebleed seats to a great concert. The Flaming Lips are in town the same day I am and there are no tickets available for the stalls with the crowd, only up in the dress circle. And not any seats in the dress circle – […]

I’ll be waiting for you.

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17 Oct 2006

Punk Cabaret lives

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16 Oct 2006

Hello Dolly

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13 Oct 2006

  Of the past 72 hours, I have slept for about 3. So a more detailed accounting shall await. In the mean time, I give you The Dresden Dolls in concert:   (click for bigger image)

Jukeboxes are fun. Whether they’re the old spinning-45’s getting-stuck-until-The-Fonz-hits them Wurlitzers or the more modern CD based ones, they give you a feeling of participation. Especially if the bar isn’t too full and several people work the jukebox in turn, responding to the other’s selections. And the coolest bits? When the jukebox is entirely digital […]

The Dresden Dolls vs. Panic! At The Disco. Awesomeness wears greasepaint.

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