And you may tell yourself “This is not my beautiful LARP!” / Once in a LARPtime – Avner Kashtan

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30 Mar 2002

If we were, as it were, to look at the bright side of things, to consider the full half of the glass, to remain optimistic, we could point out that the aggravation of having your car (did I say “your car”? I’m sorry, I meant “Your mother’s car”) get stuck in the mud five times, have the driver-side mirror smashed by a runaway truck in the aforementioned mud, abandoned for the dead in the twice-aforementioned mud and dragged out the following morning by a passing tractor after a 4-hour wait for a tow-truck that was both late and inappropriate for the terrain – THAT aggravation, pretty much overshadowed any disappointment or frustration over missing out on the big LARP. It really is a crying shame. The area itself was wonderful for gaming – the forest, the paths, the Middle-Earthish feel. The people were costumed like there was no tomorrow, and even the cars strewn across the path couldn’t suppress the feeling that you were, indeed, somewhere else.
I got to be somewhere else for precisely 10 minutes. I can’t honestly say I was SOMEONE else – I did not feel particularly in-character, and Angmul (there should be a circumflex over the u) was more a vague idea than anything else, but I was definitely SOMEWHERE else. I would have loved to visit the Festival of Unity between the Iron Hills and the Beornings. I would have loved to visit King Nain’s wedding. I would love to have SOMEONE visit and read the great Library of Lothlorien that we sat and printed and sewed and rolled up and tied for the few hours before the game. That would have been wonderful.
As it is, no amount of planning, organizing, good will, good cheer, wonderful people and motivation can do anything when you have an average ocean being poured over your head in the middle of the night. Three thumbs up to Alexei and the rest of the organizers for working on it, and let there be more such events (but, if possible, deeper into the warm season. Thank you).

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