Where did she come from?

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18 Feb 2007

Yesterday morning, I had no idea who Amy Winehouse was. I saw the name on somebody’s LJ tagline, I think, but nothing more.
Last night, dropped over and gave me a listen, and I copied a bunch of tracks from both her albums, then listened to it on the flight over.
Then I was sitting in the airport reading an abandoned newspaper, and ran into a sidebar about her and how she reinvented herself for her second album.
And now I’m listening to the radio, and stumbled on a gossip report about her being caught with some white powder on her nose.

And I wonder – is this a coincidence, or was the world full of Amy Winehouse information before and I just didn’t notice it?

UPDATE: I hardly finished the entry and ran into another mention on radio, some listener calling in to ask what to wear for an Amy Winehouse concert. Sheesh. She seems to be replacing Pete Doherty as the favorite naughty star for British tabloids.

UPDATE 2: Featured on the on-flight radio station in the connection flight. Ugh!

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