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21 Mar 2005

Ok, so I started checking out my recent acquisitions. This is what I have so far:

Franz Ferdinand

Nothing new here, since I did know it beforehand. I do now have the glossy booklet with all the lyrics which I’ve read. Not much to comment, except to contrast 2004 with 1984, and see how Franz Ferdinand can get away with a song like Michael while Morrissey had to stick to vague gender-games and suffer so for his sexual preferences.

“Michael you’re the boy with all the leather hips,
sticky hair, stickyhips, stubble on my sticky lips…
This is what I am, I am a man
come and dance with me Michael”

Slovenly – Riposte

“Forward thinking and calm, neo-psych art/punk”? Hmpf. “Calm” is the only word here that really describes them. Maybe “neo-psych” too. Rather pleasant rock, mellow and not too interesting. Singer seems to take himself a bit too seriously, but I didn’t bother listening to the lyrics too much. All in all, not particularly exciting.

The Flaming Lips – Ego Tripping At The Gates Of Hell

The EP starts with three new songs. All are more or less in the vein of the quieter / softer tracks on Yoshimi – similar to Ego Tripping or Summertime. One is instrumental, and they are generally pleasant after perliminary listening – especially the first tracks, Assassination of the Sun.
Then we have the remix of Do You Realize?, which was disappointing. Do You Realize? is a powerful song,. with a lot of energy. The remix really loses all that – the vocals sound weak when supported only by cheerful bleeps, and it really doesn’t live up to the original. A shame, since I do like covers and remixes.
Then we have two different remixes for Ego Tripping, fortunately different enough to listen to both consecutively. Both work well with the laid-back/tripping feel of the original. Good music buzz from both – nice to drive with.
Then we finish with another new track, A Christmas Change, which was nice when I first heard it but I can’t even remember it now, so it probably needs a few more tries to sink in.

More to come when I get around to it.

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