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 Hmmm. Well, here I am then. I s’pose. - Miscellaneous Debris – Archive

Hmmm. Well, here I am then. I s’pose.

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19 Jan 2002

Well, then.
*clears throat*
I suppose most first-entries are of the hesitant, uncomfortable variety. Or, at least, mine is. Are. Am. Whatever.
I’ve never been of the “Get it off your chest” persuasion, and all this writing-my-mind-pn-a-public-forum bit is a bit awkward for me. But hey, that’s part of the beauty of the internet, isn’t it? Letting the introverts amongst us bloom and flower. Or something. I always get faintly embarassed when I wax poetic (Urrgg. There I go again. I’ll just let it slide :).

Well, then. (Yes, you’ll be seeing a lot of “Well, then”‘s and “Umm, I s’pose”‘s here. I already mentioned my discomfort, didn’t I?).

I don’t really have anything to say here. This is something of a “Hello, world”. More will, probably, follow.


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21 בJanuary, 2002 בשעה 23:10

Oh, hello there, Avner.

I hope you enjoy your stay 🙂



22 בJanuary, 2002 בשעה 06:16

A LiveJournal need not necessarily be a “write-my-mind-on-a-public-forum” journal. Consider my journal: it is more of a “common book” (to use an English university phrase), a log of thoughts, impressions, and opinions on topics in, and outside, my various fields of interest. I don’t discuss my personal life in my journal.

That, then, is one possibility. Another one, albeit a little more complicated, is a fictional journal: a journal of someone who isn’t you, or isn’t quite you. To a small degree, ‘s journal is like that.

Or you could write your mind in a public forum after all. 🙂




22 בJanuary, 2002 בשעה 09:21


To a very small degree, indeed.
A close inspection of the last 20 entries in my journal would show that I used “The Madame” only as a nick name, while writing about my planned trip or about my newborn (Haetten)niece.



22 בJanuary, 2002 בשעה 12:48

Ahh, but what ARE your thoughts, impressions and opinions, if not your mind?
But you have helped me focus my thoughts. I DO tend to be rather opinionated, occasionally (though quietly) and might use this platform as a ranting stage. Good place to vent aggressions.



22 בJanuary, 2002 בשעה 09:39

Dear Co-Producer,

I am most delighted to hear that you have chosen to write your own live journal (there goes your anonymous commentry, although the colors were quite a distinctive mark).
I promise to read every “Well, then”‘s and “Umm, I s’pose”‘s that you will care to write.

The Madame.



22 בJanuary, 2002 בשעה 12:49

Spill it out, man…

From your favourite repetitive bass line – passo, High Technocrat.

Or, to put it in other words, welcome.


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