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20 Apr 2004

Bluetooth is starting to come into fashion.
You can see them walking around. Business men. Couriers. People on the street. Suits or overalls or just plain clothes, all appended with a slightly cumbersome looking ear-piece, wirelessly connected to their cellphone. And if you’ve gone to all the lengths to get it, you’re not likely to take it off all the time and put it back on only when you get a call, right? If you got it, you use it.

So we have a whole bunch of people walking around with a shiny piece of chrome-plated technology sticking out of their faces.

Does anyone else see the whole cyberpunk fashion just whoosh in?

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19 בApril, 2004 בשעה 15:30

I feel silly being ignorant, but…

What exactly *is* the deal with the bluetooth? What is it that makes it so special?



20 בApril, 2004 בשעה 02:23

Re: I feel silly being ignorant, but…

Bluetooth is a communication standard that is intended for high-speed short-distance digital communications. Its uses are mainly getting rid of cables, and could be used for wirelessly connecting cellphones to earpieces (or each other), computers to peripherals (speakers, mice etc.), house-hold appliences to each other (for the ‘fridge that can use the internet’ kind of dream-tech), or any other application where the purpose is for things that are relatively close to each other (tens-of-meters) to talk to each other.

Bluetooth is also a doomed technology as it is about to be replaced by better ones (namely the about-to-be-introduced wireless USB).



19 בApril, 2004 בשעה 16:30

Someone ought to make a Bluetooth enabled Viking super-helmet with the horns as antenni, and you can walk around zapping all those puny bluetooth devices around you like a modern day mini Thor.

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