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Let the games begin

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12 Oct 2006

It is easy to put a finger on 1995/6 as the beginning of the end for the glory days of the arcade. When Sony released the Playstation, it took video games out of the kids’ hands and into mainstream culture. In a few years you could find Playstations in bars alongside pinball machines, and rappers playing […]

Jukeboxes are fun. Whether they’re the old spinning-45’s getting-stuck-until-The-Fonz-hits them Wurlitzers or the more modern CD based ones, they give you a feeling of participation. Especially if the bar isn’t too full and several people work the jukebox in turn, responding to the other’s selections. And the coolest bits? When the jukebox is entirely digital […]


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11 Oct 2006

Now I really feel that I’ve experienced the Bay Area properly. Not with the Golden Gate bridge or the hills of San Francisco, but because I sat this evening with friends in a diner in Palo Alto, the heart of Silicon Valley, and discussed possible plans for a startup. When we noticed what we were […]

Amanda’s Insides

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12 Sep 2006

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it, but Amanda’s a very high-tech geek jeep. Other than the standard Jeepish fare, like a 4×4 drive that we dare not touch, cruise control for those endless interstate highways and a throaty growl to keep unwary motorists at bay, we have outfitted Amanda with some new additions: 1) […]

Someone should build a new mock objects framework, like JMock or RhinoMock, and they should call it Merciless. Yes, yes indeed. They should.

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21 Feb 2006

Ephemera Now, my primary purveyor of post-war paraphernalia, has been renamed to Plan59 – still the same design, still the same content – posters, ads and slogan for cars, trucks, interior decoration and anything else that the booming economy wanted to sell, sell, sell. A new section they’ve added hosts most of the images that […]

Help me out here

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11 Jan 2006

I’ve been wondering about the origin and etymology of the term “macro” as it is used in programming. The general use for it is to mean something large – the opposite of “micro” – but it didn’t seem to fit for the concept it’s used for. Luckily, the Online Etymology Dictionary came to my rescue: […]

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14 Sep 2005

Defective Yeti on the Logan vs. Wayne case.

Where do we go from here?

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14 Sep 2005

EMap have added layers to their online streetmaps of Israel that show data from Rest.co.il, the Israeli restaurant guide. Now you can have locations of restaurants, bars, cafés and such superimposed on the map. Very cool, very cool indeed. What I’d like them to add is a customized layer, so I can mark interesting locations […]

MSN Messenger 7.0 has this nifty little feature that allows you to put a personal message as part of your display name. Most people who use it just put some wise-ass comment (like I do), but the neatest thing is that it comes with a plug-in for Windows Media Player that allows it to place […]

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