“Wouldn’t think to look at me that I’ve spent a lot of time in education” Conversation Piece / Bowie

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30 Jul 2003

I think I’m actually getting the hang of the whole registration process.

New problem – the General BA program I’m aiming for can only be taken as a part of a dual-major. So now I need to decide on a second major, and one that doesn’t clash with the programs I want to take in the General BA.
Hmm. Sociology and Anthropology? I don’t know what I want!
And inside the general BA itself I need to pick three subjects – two interdisciplinary subjects and one from a specific discpline in the Humanities. For the disciplinary one I’m going for Linguistics, but for the two interdisciplinaries I have a choice out of three:
American Studies
Cognitive Studies
Digital Culture


Registration for the second semester starts November. I got some time.

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