“And sympathy is what we need my friend” – Sympathy / Rare Bird

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24 Jul 2003

Today was Wednesday, 23rd of July.
IgoRetro is in two weeks on Friday, 8th of August.

And yet, amazingly, I ran the foreplay for my game, Tombstone, today.
Not at the last minute,
Not the day before,
Not when it’s way, way too late.

I ran it two weeks in advance, like it was MEANT to be. I might even run ANOTHER one before the con.

What’s happening?!

Basically, the credit goes to Uri Lifshitz and his pickup line (“What are you doing tomorrow evening? Well, you’re gonna run us a game!”). Being spontaneously invited to GM to a bunch of people to whom I’ve never GMed before, some of which I’ve never played with and even one I’d never met – it’s flattering and good for my ego.
And it went rather well, too. Needs work, but that’s exactly what the playtest is for. A lot of GMing anxiety got deflated. And that was when I was running a headache, ear-ache and a slight fever, too. Maybe BECAUSE of all that. 🙂

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“And sympathy is what we need my friend” – Sympathy / Rare Bird



24 בJuly, 2003 בשעה 00:40

“another playtest”?

in case u might want a player 4 it… 🙂



25 בJuly, 2003 בשעה 12:26


אני מנסה לגייס שחקן חמישי (שישי?) ל-one-timer בהרצת עדיגי- “Shout”. אפלוליות וקטוריאנית ויצרים מודחקים בפנימיית רק-בנים של אנגליה, סוף המאה ה-19. בא לך?



26 בJuly, 2003 בשעה 13:20

Re: Hmmm….

אני נורא רוצה לשחק איתך (מתי בעצם עשינו את זה פעם אחרונה??), אבל כבר שיחקתי ב”שאוט”… מתי תהייי בתל-אביב, בכל מקרה? :)י



24 בJuly, 2003 בשעה 00:55

me too!

בעקרון הייתי אמורה לבוא לזה אתמול, אבל לא יכולתי 🙁

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