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22 Jul 2003

For the first time in many many years, I’m reconsidering my academic future.
I’m not talking about not going for an academic degree at all – aside from leaving my mother in fits, I also WANT to go study. Very much so.
But for some reason I’m no longer dead-set on Computer Science as my choice. Other things come quite strongly to mind, though I don’t know where exactly to study it.

What I’m talking about here is studying western culture (in general), North American Culture (to be more precise) and American Pop-Culture (to be specific). Including language, media, history – all the things that make the culture.

I’m not sure how I should study it. Where does it fit in? Under History? Perhaps Sociology? Or, more likely from what I could see, as a unit-of-choice under a General BA? That seems a good idea, since it will let me dabble in other things too. I’m a dabbler by nature.
Or should I not study it in TAU at all? Shouldn’t North America be the more logical place to study these things? Should I look into that? If so, where? Where do I even go to lookup the strong points of North American universities? I know Berkeley is well-known for its CS department, MIT for its engineering… but not much else. Where do I look up reputations?

Anyway, maybe TAU is good, after all.

Gillman, here I come?

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