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3 May 2006

Life goes on and everything is fine and you’re so damn sure you’ve grown up and everything and then something stupid happens like your phone decides to cut itself off from the world and you fall asleep early and there’s a party and people try to call you and you don’t answer because your phone is dead and your Messenger decides to crap out on your too and you even wake up a while later and figure that no-one is doing anything because no-one called you and you go back to sleep but they did and you didn’t answer and it’s like high-school over again and you feel like blaming someone or something because they didn’t try ICQ or ringing your doorbell or something but you know that it’s stupid and mean and unworthy and it’s no-one’s fault anyway and if it is it’s yours because you could have called someone and asked because it is after all Independence Day’s eve and there’s probably something happening but you didn’t and you just went back to sleep and now you feel that being-left-out-and-forgotten squeeze around your stomach and you really really hate it.


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6 בMay, 2006 בשעה 21:27

This may sound bizzarre,

But this is one of your better written ones.
Also, ההזדהות.



7 בMay, 2006 בשעה 21:43

Re: This may sound bizzarre,

I was rather proud of that one, actually. It was written as breathlessly as it is read, with only one pause-and-slight-edit somewhere in the middle.
Strong emotion usually improve my prose. You can tell by the furious banging on the keyboard that accompanies it. Happy is allegro, bummed is stacatto, and angry is a 20-minute John Bonham drum solo.

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