The Samaritan Blues

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13 Jun 2008

The new Fratellis album was released yesterday. The new Hold Steady will be released in a month. I want to buy them. I want to pay for them. Real, actual money. I really do.

But I don’t want the CDs. Not anymore. It’s a painful admission, but it’s true. I don’t want them hanging around my house, I don’t want them hanging around. I don’t read the liner notes anymore. I don’t even rip then into MP3s – it’s faster to download them from the internet, after I’ve bought them. Some are still in their original shrink-wrapped packaging.

But what can I do? Israeli music, I can buy off of or,il, but international artists? The iTunes store won’t serve Israelis. Amazon, whether .com, or any other location, won’t serve Israelis. I don’t want to jump through hoops and use fake addresses of American friends. I just want to buy DRM-free music on the internet. Is that such a big think to ask for?

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14 בJune, 2008 בשעה 06:25

They don’t have Fratellis, but they seem to have older Hold Steady albums (from 2004-2006) so they might get the new one. From what I’ve seen it usually takes them a bit to get new stuff, though.

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