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Statistical Reminiscence

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25 Mar 2008

LJArchive gives you some nice statistical tools to go over your entire LJ post history. In the interest of total procrastination I went over some of them:

1) Posts Frequency Analyzer:


You can see that my American trip was a sizable jump in post frequency, and things haven’t been the same since, though I’m on an upwards trend again.

2) Word Count Analyzer:


Excluding short-short words and common stop-words, the most common word on my journal with a wide margin is “music”, with “album”, “song” and “songs” close behind. You reckon I write about music much?

Actually, I have a feeling it’s counting all the Current Music: lines in it, which kind of ruins the point.

Still, an awful lot of Bowie is involved.


When long words are involved, it seems “recommendation” is a favorite of mine, as is “disappointment”. I can’t imagine the context for use “superintendent” – TWICE.

3) I have my own tool, a syllable-count analyzer as seen here, but it’s not working and I can’t be bothered to debug it.

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25 בMarch, 2008 בשעה 13:51

Downloaded the source of ljarchive; installed nant and the mono compiler (version 2, then version 1, which is the one ljarchive needs); Because the GUI doesn’t build on linux (and isn’t intended to), I hacked the build and source files to remove references to msagent, and to fix what might be a bug (System.Drawing in one of the references section should be System.Drawing.dll).
Finally it builds. Run it, and it draws a blank window.
The error log complains about missing comctl32.dll.
Now, if I install wine… I could install the windows version of Mono, and then maybe.

But I bet it would be simpler to hack something like this together in Perl.

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