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Wardriving En Passant

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24 Mar 2008

I’ve started pulling out my laptop on the bus lately. I find that it’s a good place to go over material for my studies, and most of it is in assorted PDFs on my hard drive, and I don’t print out things if I can help it. I get some funny looks, but people used to get funny looks for whipping out their computers in cafes, too, and look where we are now. My only problem is that it’s a bit too big for most seats.

Taking the urban #25 from the university down south through the city, you get a feel for the WiFi coverage. It’s usually enough to get stuck in a long enough red light for my computer to latch onto an open network and download my mail, without actually having to do anything.
Says something about wifi, but also something about traffic.

I’ll try to post this entry before I get home.

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24 בMarch, 2008 בשעה 21:18

Oh, how we envy you

I take the train from the inner-west to my workplace. It’s quite common to see laptops being used during the ride for those lucky enough to get a sit but you can forget about WiFi coverage. I mean, yeah, some cafes do have WiFi but usually you’ll have to get some kind of authentication evidence before using it.

I’ve the feeling that the Internet here is 5 years behind you guys in terms of coverage, prizes and usage. The most surprising thing was that almost all packages have a traffic quota (sometimes only downstream traffic is counted, sometimes both directions) and you’re slowed down to a 64K bandwidth on exceeding that.

– Fernando
(Sydney, Australia)



24 בMarch, 2008 בשעה 22:59

I’ve used to watch TV shows on the same bus, when I lived in TA. In my case, the funny looks were sometimes just people trying to watch my TV too. But without the sound, it’s not really the same.

Never thought about trying to scan for WiFi, through.



3 בApril, 2008 בשעה 16:32

Did that (watching movies) on trains over here (jolly old England) a couple of times. It proved to be a great conversation starter (Interstella 5555 and a cute French girl spring to mind).

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