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Heroes Predictions

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4 Mar 2008

The problem with watching a show a year after everyone else is that I can’t speculate with anyone – anyone who gives a damn already knows. So I’m going to write down my predictions here, and block all comments. This is not for YOU, it is just for me to come back to later and see if I was right.

I am now after episode 8. Here, Mohinder discovered he had a sister that died when he was 2. He also discovered his father’s file on the kid he sees in his dreams, Sanjeb Ilar, or something like that. Now this kid probably grew up to be Sylar, the superhero-killer. I’m guessing he also killed Mohinder’s sister, since she was also described as being special. Now this is not based on anything in the show, but my familiarity with the genre leads me to believe that Sylar’s power is like the X-Men’s Rogue – he steals others’ powers by eating their brains. I saw this because he seems to have all sorts of different powers, like telekinesis and freezing, that don’t make sense together. Giving a character several arbitrary powers is boring and lazy writing, unless they’re tied together using some sort of meta-power.

Clare’s father and his organization that’s finding specials – I’m guessing they’re trying to activate them. Activate them all. Don’t know why yet, don’t know what they want. That will come.

Hiro’s still the cutest.

That is all.

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