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British Customs

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19 Feb 2007

Israeli customs law dictates rather strict limits on how much alcohol and tobacco you are allowed to bring into the country, duty free. 2 bottles of liquer is the limit, I believe, and a similarly restrictive amount of cigarettes. British customs, however, take a slightly more liberal approach:


Look at the fine print. A customs officer may stop you if you look suspicious, like carrying 110 liters of beer. 100 liters of beer? Perfectly normal. Move right along. Nothing to see here.

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19 בFebruary, 2007 בשעה 19:10

They really aren’t that liberal. What you are saying only relates to people coming from another EU (European Union) country 🙂



19 בFebruary, 2007 בשעה 21:25

למה אתה מבלבל אותי עם עובדות?

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