On the road again

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18 Feb 2007

“Wanna go for a beer before your flight?”, my IM flashed.

“Nah. Gotta get up real early. Too tired for a late-night beer”.

“How about an early-morning beer, then?” the challenge was issued.

Several ping-pong messages later the issue escalated an none of us could back down. 4:30am. Gotta be some bar open. We’ll get up and have a drink. Each one daring the other to back down.

4:30am. I wake up from the alarm clock. I have an SMS waiting. “This is stupid. I’m backing off. You win. See you in a week”. I revel in my sleepy victory and float back to sleep, forgetting to set the alarm clock again. I wake up at 5:45 when my dad comes to pick me up to the airport.



This is gonna sound disgustingly bourgois, but I’m getting to like Natbag’s departure lounge. Pretty good shops, a half-decent espresso and when it’s not packed you can get a seat near the outer edge of the ring, plug your laptop into the AC and siphon internet off the airwaves.

And another though after last night’s conversation: there is more to bourgoisie than mediocrity. The middle classes are a fine foundation for building individual identities. Suburban conformance is collapsing under the customized information channels that the internet provides. I can probably write more about that.


Flipping through music channels on the place, King Crimson’s I Talk To The Wind comes on and I melt.

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