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21 Jan 2007

Do you know when to google will be a fully established verb in the language?

When you can use it for other things except for the Google(tm) search engine.

“I googled it on MSN Search and found the page I wanted”.

“I googled it by author name on Amazon – turns out the title wasn’t what I remembered”.

“I googled around the office on the mailing lists, but no-one knew where my car-keys were”.

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21 בJanuary, 2007 בשעה 16:52

haven’t thought about it like this, but you’re right!



21 בJanuary, 2007 בשעה 17:48

Be careful

Don’t remember where I saw it, but Google have threatened a lawsuit against anyone who uses the verb to google while using another search engine. Copyright thingie, do no evil and all that.



21 בJanuary, 2007 בשעה 20:05

Re: Be careful

(This is a trademark, not a copyright thing.)

AFAIK, they’re required by law to “protect” (ie, send out cease and desist letters etc. etc.) their trademark or simply lose it. Losing a trademark can be pretty dark even if you’re not a bloodthirsty capitalist cutthroat: a competitor (or, well, just anyone) can put up some crappy product or service in your name and make it look like you’re responsible for it. That’s not just lost revenue from hijacked sales: it’s reputation lost due to unfair (as in, it wasn’t you who sucked) practice, and possibly costs of sorting out false complaints and so on.

I guess my gripe with this law is that it demands that you not be selective — or rather, that you be zealous — about pursuing it.



21 בJanuary, 2007 בשעה 20:50

לא, קצת אח”כ

הפועל הזה יהפוך לפועל של ממש רק שניה אחרי שמישהו ישתמש בו כדי לתאר כל-חיפוש. בשניה אחרי הזו יקום מזדקן אחד, יכחכח, ויטען שלא כך צריך להשתמש ב”לגגל”. אז, ורקאז, הפועל יהיה פועל מן המניין.



22 בJanuary, 2007 בשעה 06:22

Careful, or you’ll get a big wag of the finger from Google’s lawyers.

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