As original as apple pie

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10 Dec 2006

From a review of Tom Waits’s music in The Guardian, the writer seems insistent on contradicting himself.
After a paragraph detailing Waits’s basis in Kurt Weill’s music, he goes on to say this:

But the comparison [to Weill] undersells Waits’s originality, for there’s something almost Shakespearean about the breadth of Tom Waits’s take on modern American life.

Seriously, did he even read what he wrote?

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As original as apple pie



10 בDecember, 2006 בשעה 17:53

It’s not a paragraph (comparing him to Weil), it’s a sentence and a bit, and it needs to be taken together with the bit you quoted for the sheer silliness of his words to come through. He’s like Weil… except, he’s original, in that he’s like Shakespeare…

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