Paperless Dragons

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21 Nov 2006


It seems the Trading Standards body in the UK have ordered Welsh sausagiers Black Mountain Smokery to change the name of their Welsh Dragon Sausages. It seems that despite my immediate understanding they are NOT, in fact, made with dragon meat. Dragon meat is rare in Wales, it seems, despite it being their official symbol and all. Silly them.

Me? I’m still wondering what Baby Oil is made of.

Addendum: Hot dogs? Can we still do hot dogs?

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Paperless Office

Being involved in American beaurocracy recently, I noticed that instead of ordering a copy of my car’s title sent over, I can order a Paperless Title instead.
A Paperless Title is just like a normal title, only instead of being sent the title document, I am sent a Certificate of Title which I can use in place of a title whenever such is needed.

Am I the only one baffled by this?

(via the DMV)

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