A Thousand Words?

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12 Oct 2006

I was told by several people recently that I don’t post enough pictures of my trip in this here blog. I reckon that this is true, and I think the reason for that is that I think of this blog as primarily a verbal medium. I post pictures when they accompany a story or an event, to illustrate or to explain. They can be the focus of an entry, but I wouldn’t post them if I didn’t have some sort of commentary to go along with them.

But these people are right, and sometimes pictures can stand simply by themselves. I’ll post a few in my next entries, for those who just want to see some of the sights I’ve seen recently.

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A Thousand Words?



13 בOctober, 2006 בשעה 10:39

More words, please

The pics are nice, but the writing is excellent. And do think of how to combine all those bits and pieces into one coherent whole. I think it has potential.

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