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26 Sep 2006

This was my first impression of Wyoming:

Which, I think, sets the tune for the rest of the boring, dreary, pointless state, full of cows and mountains and empty, empty roads.

Oh, they try to alleviate the boredom of the roads. Overlooking the interstate is a gigantic, traumatizing bust of Lincoln, for no apparent reason except that someone, at some point, decided it would symbolize something, so they named the road – the first transcontinental highway – after him.

A few miles east of that, a mile away from the interstate and where the Pacific Union railway once passed, the railroad company decided to honor their financers in the only way they could – by building a 60-foot pyramid with their names and faces on it. Of course. What else COULD they do?

It was Sunday, so the Dinosaur Musem and Fossil Excavation at Medicine Bow was closed. I just wanted this state to end.

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26 בSeptember, 2006 בשעה 09:55

You. write. so. well.

Reading you is nothing but pure pleasure. Every entry.

That alone is (almost) good enough a reason not to have you around here.

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