I’ve been Discordianized!

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23 Apr 2006

Over two years ago I started my technical, work-related blog over at Weblogs.asp.net, opening my first post with a Carrollian cry of joy.

In a bout of procrastination, I went over these early entries and checkes the incoming referer links to see if anyone linked in to that entry. Imagine my surprise when it turns out this entry is linked to, until the rather mangled link-text of “frabjuous caloo callay!”, from the Apocrypha Discordia, apparently an extension to the revered old Principia, written entirely in German.

The referenced quote, brutally translated by Google, goes as follows:

# Eris was the truck, continued prince Mu-Mu-Chao, and I was the hare. Oh baby, baby, which marches road. Fnordits and Granfalloons, I please you, give me simply frabjuous caloo callay!

This is definitely the last place where I thought the Discordians would find me.

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I’ve been Discordianized!



11 בMay, 2006 בשעה 07:18

Source: Apocrypha Discordia (in English, incidently 😉

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