Way too many pictures of Portugal

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2 Mar 2006

This is a selection of pictures from my trip, arbitrarily selected and cut down to size.

Lisbon – the dirty streets of the Barrio Alto and a wide view from the Castello:

The Azulejos tiles are found on many old buildings in Lisbon. Usually geometric/flowery patterns:

Some (especially indoor tiles) have more detailed images. These disturbing images are from the Azulejos museum:

Catholics are really fucked up to go through this every Sunday.

But they do build impressive churches, I’ll hand them that:

(Both taken in the Jeronimos monastery)
And finally, the Cabo da Roca at the end of the world. End of Europe, anyway.

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2 בMarch, 2006 בשעה 05:41

Oh my!

One of my all-time favorite postcards at that secret postcards website says: “I sometimes daydream about the places I might have been to.” So, uh, thanks for the pictures.

Also (thread-jacking), did you get any Cliomancer charges from the Cabo da Roca? After all, it IS the “Ponta mais ocidental do continente Europeu.”



2 בMarch, 2006 בשעה 06:24

No, but I did get a dipsomantic kick from seeing a couple of bottles of Port that survived World War II, and one that almost saw World War I. Would you pay 2000Euro for a bottle of 1919 Red Port?

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