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26 Dec 2005

On the second day of Christmas, my Friends list gave to me
A double espresso,
and a bunch of miscellaneous debris.

The Libertines – The Libertines
Brit-pop, but with more influence of The Cure than Oasis. Fun. Perky. Jumpy. Cute.
This album is apparently their latest, released early in 2005. It’s a bit repetitive – a bit similar to Franz Ferdinand’s first in its quick, aggressive rhythms, though not as loud and electric. You find yourself whistling bits and snatches of songs a few days later. The sort of music I would happily bounce to in a BritPop party.

Recommendations: The opening track, “Can’t Stand Me Now” is good, as is “What Katie Did” and “Don’t Be Shy”. No MP3 samples on their site, but they do have several videos

Summary: Fun.

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