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Beatles -> White Album -> Album 1 -> Side 2 -> Track 2

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24 Jan 2002

(And for those of you too lazy to look it up: “I’m So Tired”).

There should be a law against Thursdays. Really. They’re evil and pointless and really get your morale down.

Of course, should they be banned, I’d feel the same about Wednesdays.

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24 בJanuary, 2002 בשעה 03:54

I find Thursdays easier than Wednesdays. THEY’re the real bummers, man. Thursday evenings, though, are tough. I seem to have developed the ability to resist exhaustion throughout the week, saving it all up for Thursday evening.

The White Album… Damn, that’s a good idea. Seeya.



24 בJanuary, 2002 בשעה 04:19

Tell me why (I don’t like Thursdays)

Wednesdays I can handle. Wednesdays can be fun.
Wednesdays you can still have enough energy to run.

It’s on those long Thursdays that you feel like you’re drawn and stretched. The day never ends, you’ve already eaten your lunch, you find yourself rechecking your mail every 5 minutes and spending time on pointless newsgroups and journals, when you suddenly get a very good idea of what Adams was talking about. The Long and Dark Thursday of the Soul.

But, even though it feels like a century, eventually that day also passes. And just then when you’re packing your bags and revelling in the freedom that awaits you, that’s when the systems start crashing, servers colliding, users complain and workspace aflame.
So you put down your bags. And you fix it. And thus ends another week.

Did I mention I was tired?



26 בJanuary, 2002 בשעה 14:48

Re: Tell me why (I don’t like Thursdays)

No way. Sundays (yes, This is a cliche) are the worst day of the week, it doesn’t even need further explainations.




24 בJanuary, 2002 בשעה 17:29

Of course Thursday evenings are hard for you, seeing as you like to make them last until Friday morning.

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