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 Wanderings pt. 1 - Miscellaneous Debris – Archive

Wanderings pt. 1

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19 Jul 2005

It’s been half a week, so I’ve finally settled in from my wanderings. The past two weeks have been a bit hectic – Ireland on the 6th, back on the 14th, then off to Jordan on the 15th for a weekend in Petra.

I’ll avoid filling up this post with ramblings and descriptions (that’s better for meeting and talking), but a few pictures from the Irish getaway would be in order. Keep in mind that they’re not very good quality or, for that matter, very interesting. I think I’ll get myself a little digital thingie and start using it. Beats having to depend on other people for holiday photos.

And so, without further ado:


At the Old Head of Kinsale

Not a very good photograph on any scale, but you can sort of see that the steering wheel is on the wrong side.
Sort of.

For velfadar.

Even though it was a big disappointment.

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19 בJuly, 2005 בשעה 22:24


You can believe me when I tell you it’s appreciated. There’s nothing like knowing you’ll hop up into all of your friends’ minds the minute they even smell sheep. It really is lovely, of course.
A bit strange, that, but although I’m very much a moors-hills-plains sort of girl – the dramatic Kinsale effect left me quite in awe. I liked it the bestest. Pretty good photo, too.
It seems you had a fine time, dear.



19 בJuly, 2005 בשעה 22:25

But gosh,

Aren’t they the softest and the cutest?



20 בJuly, 2005 בשעה 08:22

נכון שאירלנד כל כך שווה?

אבל הכי מצחיקים הכבישים שלה. אתה נוסע במשך כמה שעות ממקום למקום, כשבדרך אתה עובר דרך מספר דו ספרתי של עיירות שבכולן יש בתים דו קומתיים בשלל צבעים וכנסיה אחת ענקית.
מה היה המסלול שלכם?



20 בJuly, 2005 בשעה 10:47

Re: נכון שאירלנד כל כך שווה?

Drove south from Dublin along the eastern coast, more or less, to County Wicklow and the Glendalough area – lakes and hills and such. From there down to Kilkenny, then further south to Waterford, then westwards along the south coast to Midleton and Cork. Further southwest to Kinsale, then back up north to Cashel, Tullamore and Trim (long drive that day), then east to coast again and down to Dublin.

Makes more sense with a map, I suppose. 🙂

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