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28 May 2005

Blogspot, one of the biggest blog-hosts on the internet that offers free blogs, put a little button in the corner of a blogpage that links to the “Next Blog”.
This, I find odd. Does one go and browse blogrolls randomly? I tend to find blogs either through web-searches (for technical content) or through social networks – friends, friends-of-friends and people who are on the blogroll of people I already read. This sort of consecutive blog access seems very odd to me, seeing as it has no linking factor save serial number in some database.

The really sad thing, though, is that while clicking the button 10 times, I encountered debt-consolidation, shoe-sales and other forms of spam. People open blogs with nothing but spam links, apparently to be Googled or, like me, lure in hapless Blogspot travellers. 10 random blogs. Only one actual blog, and even that was in Spanish.

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28 בMay, 2005 בשעה 03:38


Ok, I just tried it, with different results:
Ten random blogs.
Seven were actual blogs, six of them in English.
The other three were technical info/guides/resources.
It took an extra click to blog #11 for me to get to the loan spam.



28 בMay, 2005 בשעה 14:49

Re: Experiment

Just my rotten luck then, huh?
Oh, well. Some measure of confidence restored as to the state of the universe.

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