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26 Nov 2004

Just finished Douglas Coupland‘s “Hey Nostradamus!”. The fourth book of his I’ve read – his first, “Generation X”, was nice but didn’t take you anywhere. “Shampoo Planet”, his second, I never did quite finish – got bored.
“Microserfs” was the first Coupland I’ve read, and I think it’s wonderful – Coupland is always in search of zeitgeist, and he managed to capture the geek mindset beautifully – and the fact that the ever-present tech is already hopelessly dated doesn’t change a thing. Love the book.
“Hey Nostradamus!” is his next-to-last outing (I skipped a few in the middle) and again, tries to capture the lives of a few people and the world they live in. It’s different than the earlier works, though it shares some themes. It’s good, it’s very contemporary-American,

The author, though, is a complete lunatic. But in a good way.

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