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 A somewhat belated entry, written and left unposted a while ago. - Miscellaneous Debris – Archive

A somewhat belated entry, written and left unposted a while ago.

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18 Jun 2004

Thus endeth my first semester in the university. Can’t honestly say I had more than just the barest taste of academic life – working full-time meant I got to the campus just in the time for class, left immediately afterwards. Just a two-hour break on my dedicated Thursdays allowed me to wander around and breathe some TAU air.
Socially speaking, I can’t say I really connected anywhere. Of my three courses, one is a huge 300-student affair where you don’t really interact with anyone else during the lecture. The second, the American Culture 101 class, found me quickly moving to the sidelines where me and several others (one of which I knew beforehand) could play Stadler and Waldorf to the professor’s rather tedious droning and her over-use of several academic terms.Of my three fellow-hecklers, one I knew from the army and the other two – while on a friendly Hello basis – I still don’t know their names. Nor am I likely to find out.
Linguistics, the course I particularly enjoyed, is a bit smaller – about 60 people (compared to Culture’s ~120) and also further broken down to practice groups, so I even know NAMES of people there. Several are on a first name basis, several on a friendly-wave-on-the-hand-when-we-meet-on-the-street basis. Not too bad.
The problem is that due to the academic path I’ve chosen, I’m unlikely to run into these people again. The Culture101 people will continue with their English Lit. studies. Those in Linguistics will go on with that, and the rest of the GeneralBA will pick’n’choose to their hearts content. THEM I might meet, after all. The rest will progress much quicker than me in some courses, while I will skip others – point is, my next courses will probably be with entirely different people than the ones I took these with. For some people this might be a good thing – new people, new friends – but I tend to take my time about these things, and by the time I get to know people, the semester will likely be over.
Or maybe it’s just that it was my first semester and I started it late, at that. Maybe I’ll get in early next time, do it properly.
Time will tell.

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