“…And so the story goes, they wore the clothes, they said the things to make it seem improbable”

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17 Mar 2004

It’s 22:00. I unlock my apartment door. A piece of paper flutters to the floor from the doorframe where it was lodged. The lights won’t go on, the house is dark.

It’s 22:30. I finished paying my overdue electrical bill. I am talking to the utilities company, unexpected Notice of Disconnection in hand, trying very hard to be pissed off on the phone. The man there, surprisingly enough, is friendly. My first surprise is being told a technician will arrive in up to two hours to reconnect. My second – that the technician will ring my cellphone on arrival, thus allowing me to get away from my dark and dreary demense.

It’s 23:30. I am sitting on a parkbench with a book of Norse myth and a smoked Herring bagel. Dogs occasionally pass me by.

It’s midnight. The technician arrives and looks over my fusebox. With a flick of a switch, all light is restored to my house.
The fuse shorted out. There was no disconnection. The Notice of Disconnection would not have gone into effect until the day after tomorrow. Fuse short purely coincidental. Bill was paid. Disconnection narrowly averted. Feeling mighty silly.

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