“Yes I’m lonely, wanna die” – Yer Blues / The Beatles

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1 Oct 2002

In too many places these days, depression is equated with quality and gloom with truth.
It’s most apparent in movies – they get the most exposure, though popular music isn’t far behind.
When a piece is optimistic and cheerful (even if it’s good) – it’s dubbed “naive”, or “escapistic”.
When a piece is bleak, depressing and speaks of the fact that life is, deep down, a bad place to live – it’s praised as “examining the human condition”.

Damn it, I’m happy. I’m a happy person. I like my job, I like my friends, I love my girlfriend – I’m generally happy. Sure, there are occasional downs and disappointments – but all in all, my life is GOOD.

Am I not part of the human experience?

How insulting.

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“Yes I’m lonely, wanna die” – Yer Blues / The Beatles



1 בOctober, 2002 בשעה 09:41

I think the point is that on the whole, there seems to be more misery, agony, and injustice in life than happiness, bliss, and justice.

Rejoice, you’re on the good side of the statistics.

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