“Falling, yes I am falling…” – I’ve Just Seen A Face / The Beatles

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12 Nov 2003

I don’t like heights.
More specifically, I don’t like being unbalanced at a height.

The lights in my room have been burned out for over a month now, and the ceiling’s too high to reach without a ladder (which I, of course, don’t have).
Tried standing on a chair, or even on two. I hate that. I hate that wobbly feeling where every move you make takes you in 4 different directions. I raise my arm with glacial slowness to avoid losing my balance, only to find that I can reach the bulb with my fingertips only. Ugh.

Today I tried a combination of two different chairs, offering much greater height and greater stability, too. I still couldn’t even lift my eyes up to watch – balance goes out the window. After 5 minutes of fumbling and slipping and flipping and such I managed to lift my eyes up. 5 seconds later it was over. Two new lightbulbs blasting 200 watts into every corner of the room, and it’s much more inhabitable now.

I need to get me a ladder.

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“Falling, yes I am falling…” – I’ve Just Seen A Face / The Beatles



12 בNovember, 2003 בשעה 22:28

I can get you one.
Cookbook too, if you like.

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