“The Ringwraiths ride in black…” The Battle of Evermore / Led Zeppelin

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10 Sep 2002

Robert Plant and Jimmy Page, vocalist and lead guitarist for Led Zeppelin, respectively, have released an album called “No Quarter” a few years ago. Both are much older now than their Zep days, with more experience. They’ve collaborated again to do a handful of new songs, but mainly old Zeppelin mainstays. The twist is that their backup band is of mediterranean, probably Arabic origin. This gives most of the songs a rather different air than the original. “The Battle of Evermore”, for instance, originally a very Tolkien-ish piece evoking (for me, anyway) the Battle of Pelennor Fields at the end of the War of the Ring, becomes much more… Saracen. At least in my association.
“Four Sticks”, which is as rock’n’roll as rock’n’roll gets, suddenly ends in a bit that sounds like the opening theme of the old Arabic News Broadcast on the old Education Television channel, which is REALLY weird when it creeps up on you unprepared.

All in all – the CD has some good bits (Kashmir, for instance, definitely goes well with the style) though other tracks are banal or annoying. I’d hesitate to recommend it to any but real Zeppelin fans.


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