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 2003 October - Miscellaneous Debris – Archive

פוסטים מחודש October, 2003

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15 Oct 2003

Also, on the confusion front, things are looking good.

Departure: Ben Gurion, 26/10/2003, 17:00 Arrival: Gatwick, 26/10/2003, 20:15 <Insert London Here> Departure: Gatwick, 04/11/2003, 22:15 Arrival: Ben Gurion, 05/11/2003, 05:00

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14 Oct 2003

Plans change. Scotland – out. London – still in. From the 22nd or so, up to the 31st or 1st of November, hopefully. Checking out good shows in that time. Bowie’s “Reality” show gets to London three weeks after I leave, but both shows are already sold out anyway.

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12 Oct 2003

Aaahhh. My brain hurts. I’m confused. What should I have done? What DID I do? Should I have? Could I have? Did she? Could she? I’m not sure. I don’t know. I can’t make up my mind. I WOULD, but I’m not sure I COULD, or that I SHOULD. DID she? But if not? But […]

To all you Linux users out there.

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11 Oct 2003

Let’s say I’m bored and want to install linux on my home box to play around with it a bit, which distribution is recommended? My Unix know-how is limited and outdated, and what I mainly want from this is to get a feel for it, get some stuff running, connect to the ‘net and so […]

Searched the web for Jesus. Results 1 – 10 of about 10,200,000. Search took 0.25 seconds Searched the web for Beatles. Results 1 – 10 of about 3,180,000. Search took 0.19 seconds.

“Touched for the very first time”

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7 Oct 2003

At last, the long-awaited Virgin soft drink flavor has arrived, and it is Pink! Red Grapefruit-flavored pink soda. What can I say? It’s… pink. With rather generic sweetness. A touch of sourness and not enough bitterness. *shrug* I’ll stick to Diet Sprite.

Ever since I’ve seen the movie, I’ve said that he simply had it coming… I Found Nemo.

My journal says I’m 50% masculine. What does your LJ writing style say about your gender?UsernameCommunity LJ Gender Tool by hutta

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2 Oct 2003

Warning: Somewhat techish content ahead Etymology is happening before our very eyes. For years, Microsoft’s set of data-access objects for their DNA-framework applications was called ADO – ActiveX Data Objects. Fair enough. Now, with their newer dotNet framework, everything gets the suffix slapped on. Visua Studio.NET. VisualBasic.NET. ASP.NET and, of course, ADO.NET. And does it […]

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